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Although every wedding is unique, I find that there are some generic questions that a lot of couples ask. This page is an attempt to tackle those and provide some information that might not be readily apparent elsewhere on the site. Of course, I don’t think you can beat a face to face chat to really get a good understanding of what your plans are for your big day and how I can help. So please have a browse through these and drop me  a line if your specific query isn’t answered here.



There’s lots of photographers out there and sometimes the choice can seem over whelming! There’s probably not enough room here to go into great depths about what to consider. Luckily there’s lots of good advice out there on the internet. The best advice I can give is that you need to love your photographers work – if their previous work doesn’t speak to you on an emotional level, they are probably not for you. Secondly, you need to trust your photographer. Trust them with the huge honour and responsibility of capturing such a special day for you and trust them to deliver the images you deserve. Finally, and probably a combination of the first two, you need to connect with photographer. It’s often said you buy your photographer not your photographers. I would always recommend a face to face meeting with anyone you are considering just to see how you interact.
Never having been one for self-analysis, I find it really difficult to describe my style! If pushed I guess ‘eclectic’ could cover it. It encompasses elements of photo journalism, reportage and high fashion. I use a variety of lighting techniques and am as happy shooting in available light as in a multiple flash set up. If, having had a look through the site, you can find a better way of describing it, please drop me a line and let me know!
My aim is simple; to tell the story of your day capturing the special moments and emotions that make it so special and unique to you. To achieve this I work in collaboration with you. I will listen to your ideas for the day, what your “must have” shots are and make suggestions as to what might work well. I can also help in planning a realistic time line that allows for this whilst not neglecting your guests or turning the day into a location shoot! On booking I will send you a questionnaire that is the start of the process and we go from there!
I have a number of back up bodies and lenses, flashes and triggers all to make sure that if anything gets broken or fails to work on the day there is a Plan B. As a previous Boy Scout I always believe in being prepared and would much rather have something and not need it than need something and not have it!
An understandable question I get asked quite a lot is what happens if, in a worse case scenario, I can’t make it to the wedding. Firstly can I say that in all the years I have been shooting weddings, I have never missed a day or let one of my couples down. However, I know better to tempt fate as I guess you can never say never. I have a number of trusted friends and fellow wedding photographers that I have worked with over my career. Should I be unable to shoot your wedding then I will make every attempt to secure replacement of a similar style to my own to cover your day.
For a fulls day coverage I aim to deliver a minimum of 300 quality images. The operative word for me is “quality”. Photography, like any art form is subjective and quantity is often a very poor discriminator to judge whether you should book with a particular photographer as opposed to another. After all, would you rather have 300 beautiful images or 600 poor ones? If its important to you that you have the maximum amount of coverage possible there is always the option of having a videographer to work alongside your photographer on the day.
Absolutely. I am aware that a number of photography websites have a stable of photographers that they use and its pot luck who you get on the day. This is my website, with my photos and, rest assured, it will be me that turns up to shoot your special day.
I am fully insured and have public liability insurance. This isn’t just important for you and your guests but often, a number of venues will want to have sight of this insurance before allowing a photographer to shoot. This is an important consideration if you are thinking of having a friend or relative undertake your photography.
Copyright will always remain with Rob Pack Photography. However, you will receive a usage licence that basically allows you to print your images as often and as big as you like. You can also use them on social media or even put your own album together should you wish to do so. In fact the only thing you won’t be able to do is re-sell the images or materially alter them.
I’m always happy to contribute to the planning of the day from a photography point of view. This might be around timings and the available light (particularly important for winter weddings), the best running order, even the best place for the hair and MUA to set up!
Yes, I work with an assistant photographer during the course of the day and this is included in the listed price.
I normally wear a shirt and tie but am happy to dress according to what your needs might be; from beachwear right through to lounge suit or even black tie!
Q:  “Would you like to have dinner tonight?”

A:  “I like to have dinner every night”

For an extra point; name the movie!

Food is always most welcome – one less thing to have to worry about on the day. Lots of venues do supplier meals. However, it certainly isn’t taken for granted and I’m more than happy to bring my own food; please just let me know either way.

Sure – it’s all part of the planning and making sure I know exactly what you are after.
You certainly don’t need to have one but they are a fun way of preparing for your wedding photography on the day as well as getting some great images to use in the run up to the wedding. You can read more here or see some examples in the blog.
Simply put; as far as is needed – including overseas destinations. If your wedding is more than 2 hours drive from London, I will often stay down the night before. This allows me to avoid and potential traffic snarl ups. It also means I start the day fresh and ready to go.