So I now consider myself an ‘international’ photographer.

Ok so it was only Scotland but it was still the furthest afield I’d been for a shoot!

Claire and Sam’s civil wedding ceremony was a double first for me, my first one outside of England and my first same sex civil wedding ceremony. It was held near Loch Lomond and I debated about the best way to get there. In the end I opted for the train, mostly because I had a large suitcase containing all my gear that I didn’t trust to the hold of a plane. And so after leaving my house at 7a.m. on the Friday, two tube trains, Virgin Pendelino, two local trains and a taxi ride – I arrived at the hotel!

It was pretty convenient staying at the hotel where the ceremony and reception was being held. Not too much running around! Managed to scout a lovely location for some shots and persuaded the girls to hike up there in their dresses. Thanks to Dave for acting as my voice activated light stand for some off camera flash shots. And, of course, to Gran who managed to boss her way into pretty much every shot!

As always the day flew by, I had the long trip to London to look forward to; Claire and Sam their honeymoon and the photos of their day when they get back!

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A few images from Claire and Sam’s day
Samantha Osborne

Wow we look amazing. Can’t wait to see the rest

Hi Rob.

Just wanna say a big thank-you to you for everything on the day. You were great and made us feel so relaxed around the camera. You were so natural that at times we didnt even relise you were capturing us. We had a great day. Cant wait to see the pictures.


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