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Rob Pack
Rob PackWedding Photographer
Here’s one of me in action at a wedding – anything for the shot!

Who Am I?

Hopefully you have had a chance to have a look at some of my work in my gallery and blogs – afterall, that’s the most important thing. Rather than write out a long C.V. which I’m sure would be pretty boring, I thought I’d share a few lesser known facts about me.

  • At Uni I sat next to Nicky Wire – the bass player for the Manic Street Preachers (not sure he has a similar entry on their website saying he sat next to Rob Pack)
  • I will eat most things – except mushroom soup
  • My wife is South African and our kids are deeply conflicted about who to support during international rugby & cricket matches
  • I bought my first ‘proper’ camera after University for travelling. Since then I have been fortunate enough to have been taught by some of the best in the Wedding Photography business including Brett Harkness & Mike Garrard
  • As a teenager I nearly died whilst diving the HMS Hood when my buddy and I got trapped inside the wreck. Shortly afterwards I gave up diving believing that my allocated ration of luck had been used up!
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So that's enough about me. I am more interested in hearing about you and the plans you have made for your special day.

If you would like to talk about how I can help photograph your wedding, please get in touch now
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